Your Regional Business Scale-Up Advisor

Angelo Agresti is a technologists and business advisor with capabilities able to solve business scale-up challenges.

He’s a new breed of business advisor that’s agile and comfortable with ambiguity and rapid change. These are essential qualities needed during times of change developed through an adaptive, collaborative and entrepreneurial mindset. Business advisors with these qualities are scarce.

He has worked with directors, executives and managers across a broad range of industrial, service, manufacturing and maintenance businesses in local and international locations. He’s helped them find, implement and make the best use of digital technology to improve business productivity and profitability.

Angelo’s speciality is providing advice on technology use for business process modernisation and business scale-up; guiding a business to deliver what they want to deliver at radically lower cost and with a radically better customer experience.

Business Scale-up Advisor

Proud Hunternet Member

Areas of expertise where I can add most value are:

Technology Advice

Isolate the core business problem and most suitable technology solution

Risk Management

Understand how to successfully deploy technology solutions and mitigate related risk

Business Transformation

Smart use of technology to deliver improved productivity and performance across People, Process and Systems

Why target SME and not big companies?

  • All companies face the same barriers to initiating and sustaining improvement but a smaller company can more nimbly adapt to new technology – provided it has the right processes, tools and culture in place.
  • A smaller company might struggle with business scale-up as they won’t usually have people that are across their business systems to make business processes more productive from effective or improved use of business technology.
  • It’s unlikely they understand a key concept of systems thinking and business process automation, is that to effectively manage business data, you need to focus on how processes interact instead of how they work individually. The need for this focus is amplified when automation is involved or you risk automated chaos.
  • They are almost certainly not thinking how they should establish or adapt business systems to take advantage of emerging digital technologies i.e., analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality.
  • If the business community had bought into systems thinking and business process automation, there wouldn’t be so much discussion about disruption, design thinking and business culture. Instead managers would easily find and implement software to automate business processes, embrace values as part of change management, and  look beyond available choices.

Our Capability

Our specific focus is helping directors, executives and managers of professional and industrial service or product companies get the most value from their business technology investment.

We bridge the gap between technology providers and managers to help them make the best use of business software, build a high-performance culture, and increase profitability.


“Hey Angelo – just wanted to say a big thanks to you in particular for the hard work and support through the audit process. We couldn’t have done it without you and that’s for sure.
Looking forward to your support for now turning our focus back towards our more lofty aspirations!”

 – Matt