Does your business have an effective digital operation?

These days it’s not so much about adopting digital, because if you haven’t already then you’re stuffed, instead it’s whether digital adoption has been successful.

Recent events may have thrown your business into the deep end where a digital operation is crucial for survival. Were you ready? Are things running smoothly or it’s just a matter of time until the band aid falls off and your quick fix is no longer viable? Are you ready for future operational shifts?

Your digital adoption efforts were probably not integrated into your business system and done to fix specific problems, so is it working well, what can work better, are isolated band aid fixes sustainable?

Read through the following five questions, and think about how different your answers are now compared to what they would’ve been 6 months ago.

Is my company ready to … :

1 … respond to significant changes happening (or likely) in the market where I operate which are reshaping customer behaviour?

2 … push past basic digital technology use and start a fundamental and systemic reinvention of the business?

3 … communicate its digital adoption plans to both internal and external audiences?

4 … work with someone with a “digital first” attitude who can respectfully, objectively, and credibly challenge the “way we work”?

5 … depend on the capability of the current leadership team to guide digital adoption and successful implementation?

It’s unlikely any SME has a someone in their business responsible to drive growth by converting traditional “analog” businesses to digital ones using:

  • the potential of modern online technologies to automate workflows and

  • data analysis and trends to guide and inform decision making.

Business owners thinking about starting or continuing to set up a digital operation will benefit by being honest when answering these questions and decide whether an independent advisor is needed.

Let me know when you’re ready, I’d love to help.

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