Logistics, Inventory & Sales Pipeline Management: Find the package that’s right for you

Consulting Service Packages


A quick-start package to rapidly define your core problem, identify solution options, and outline a tailored deployment plan. A half or full day on site workshop using guided problem analysis to define the operation framework, explore business goals, workflow problems and challenges across all of your business processes. This includes talking to a few staff and a brief site tour to see what’s really going on.

This is done to identify business “readiness” to get started with modernising business processes and changing how the organisation and its people will work. This prepares the business for establishing an operation modernisation cycle within their business.

Dedicated Advisor to assist with problem description, solution identification and deployment planning.


Using cloud based software and expert advisory services are an ideal fit with SME needs. You don’t need to employ a team of IT experts when that’s not part of your core business purpose. We guide you to find, implement and make improved use of software, manage deployment and realise change.

We want to support you to achieve your business goals. Modus acts as your outsourced CMSO (Chief Modernisation & Strategy Officer) to apply specialist knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to support you to:

  • identify business system problems and define business needs;
  • find and assess viable solutions for meeting those needs in a way that’s most practical for the business size and complexity;
  • clearly describe, define and document manage, staff  and customer needs to deliver business objectives; and 
  • guide business functional teams with successful implementation and through the business modernisation cycle.

Modernised operations use leading cloud first technologies to integrate and automate their business functional processes. Depending on the type of business this can cover some or all of CRM, Quoting, Inventory, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Job Scheduling and Completion (Field Service or Workshop based), Inventory Planning and Purchasing functions.

Modus is independent to give you choice and has also chosen to partner with selected leading global SaaS vendors.

  • Dedicated account manager & advisor
  • Access to modernisation and technology trend updates
  • Quarterly Review

Product Packages

Oracle NetSuite implementation, development, integration and training delivered to help a business innovate, grow and profit. With Netsuite you wouldn’t need CIOs and IT managers to administer the ERP solution as its completely on the cloud. Disaster recovery, customisation and version upgrades are all part of the platform subscription contract. This is a game changer in the way ERP software is purchased and managed.

  • eCommerce

    It’s typical for an eCommerce application to be standalone and not integration with the business inventory and accounts applications. The problem being there’s no real time visibility of stock price and availability, customer specific pricing, order or quote status, previous orders, invoices or statements. There’s no ability to automatically accept payments, accept and track returns, run demand planning or scheduling kit marshalling and assembly build.

    The solution are tailored SuiteCommerce modules supported by Netsuite. This gives users an integrated B2B and B2C eCommerce capability. It includes hosting and credit card processing, PCI compliance and transaction processing not available with standalone solutions. There’s also capability to develop mobile apps extensions to SuiteCommerce.

  • Training Packages

    Learn by doing actual work not fictional examples. Your staff are helped to better understand your NetSuite system and enabled to drive business productivity and optimisation.

    NetSuite Admin
    Training A course that gives the attendee a detailed understanding of the configuration, customisation and analysis capabilities of Netsuite. It will enable them to play a key role in the implementation and ongoing administration of the Netsuite environment.

    NetSuite Finance Training
    A course that gives the attendee an in-depth knowledge about the structural, transactional, reporting and analytical elements of Netsuite as a Financial Management system.

    NetSuite CRM Training
    This course gives the attendee the ability to establish a fully functional CRM configuration using the full range of Netsuite functionality, customisation and reporting tools.

    NetSuite Inventory Management
    This course gives the attendee a full understanding of inventory planning, receiving, fulfilment, despatch and warehousing capability of NetSuite, ideal for Warehouse and Purchasing staff.

    NetSuite Reporting
    This course is designed to give the attendee deep knowledge of where Netsuite keeps data and the full range of tools available to provide accurate and real time information to the user community.

    Customised Training Options covering client specific topics and or for a group of five or more users are also possible.

  • OpenAir

    OpenAir is Worlds No. #1 Integrated Cloud Professional Service Management tool integrated with NetSuite designed to empower services businesses to innovate grow and profit. NetSuite OpenAir’s service software automation supports your entire services organisation with real-time visibility and anytime, anywhere access to the tools and information you need to make data driven decisions.

  • Oracle PBCS

    Oracle Planning Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) is for CFOs & Controllers to automate Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Consolidation. For NetSuite users Oracle PBCS is very much a plug and play solution. Gartner rank Oracle PBCS as a leader in their magic quadrant comparison.

    The PBCS solution uses SmartView formulas/reference to build reports in a local install of Excel. This reduces errors that tend to creep up when using spreadsheets to model and track forecasts and sharing different versions internally. Predictive analytics can also be used to build more complex models and can be deployed in phases.

Mobile Apps

Our developers can create a custom solution if needed.

Staff Starr is available for iOS and can be used by workshop or field service businesses and is ideally suited to site security and cleaning service companies.

Features included are:

  • roster and task / job allocation for own or agency staff
  • pre start job safety check
  • roster start and end recording with facial recognition & GEO location check
  • job completion reporting with listed tasks and applicable reasons and site photo capture
  • job quote
  • RCTI compliant invoicing
  • fleet vehicle management (separate module)
  • job application manager (receive job applications direct from your own website)
  • cloud based: easy to use, secure and reliable
  • user access by role-based security
  • administration web portal
  • customer access web portal
  • mobile app for users

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