Eliminate Workflow Problems & Scale-Up: Find the support package that’s right for you

Advisory Service Packages


A quick-start package to rapidly define your core problem, identify solution options, and outline a tailored deployment plan. A half or full day on site workshop using guided problem analysis to define the operation framework, explore business goals, workflow problems and challenges across all of your business processes. This includes talking to a few staff and a brief site tour to see what’s really going on.

This is done to identify business “readiness” to get started with modernising business processes and changing how the organisation and its people will work. This prepares the business for establishing a continuous improvement, scale-up cycle within the organisation.

Dedicated Advisor to assist with problem description, solution identification and deployment planning.

Advisory Service

Using cloud based software and expert advisory services are an ideal fit with SME needs. You don’t need to employ a team of IT experts when that’s not part of your core business purpose. We guide you to find, implement and make improved use of software, manage deployment and realise change.

We want to support you to achieve your business goals. Modus acts as your Chief Technology Officer to apply specialist knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to support you to:

  • define business needs and identify business workflow problems;
  • find and assess viable solutions for meeting those needs in a way that’s most practical for the business size and complexity;
  • clearly describe, define and document management, staff  and customer needs to deliver business objectives; and 
  • guide business teams with successful implementation and through the business scale-up cycle.

Modernised operations use leading cloud first technologies to integrate and automate their business workflows. Depending on the type of business this can cover some or all of CRM, Quote or Proposal, Inventory, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Job Scheduling and Completion (Field Service, Workshop or Professional Services), Inventory Planning and Purchasing functions.

Modus Consulting has chosen to partner with selected leading global SaaS and PaaS vendors but because Modus Consulting is independent you have choice.

  • Dedicated account manager & advisor
  • Access to modernisation and technology trend updates
  • Quarterly Review

Product Packages


We like being independant and the flexibility that give us to work with select providers.

We are a certified WorkflowMAX advisor and able to help you get started or improve use and return on investment from this application.

custom software

Custom Apps

Our developers can create custom mobile and or web based solutions if needed.

Mobile solutions are available for iOS or Android and are tailored to your specific business and industry needs.

Even Maverick needed a wingman!