relevant technology

Modernise now and stay RELEVANT

Nothing grabs your attention and motivates you to change like a crisis. However, an organisation shouldn’t need a crisis to take action and stay relevant, should it?

When Kodak decided to delay the adoption of its technology it became irrelevant; slowly. Companies delaying use of cloud based software in their operations and workflows are on a similar trajectory, they just don’t know. Traditional ways of managing operations and workflows to get work done are now, immediately irrelevant.

Traditionally, the gap between innovators and early adopters has been deep and wide compared to the early majority. It was called a chasm and measured in decades. Cloud based software has been used for remote operation by the early few for more than a decade. They chose to be relevant early in the digital era.

The prevailing global health and economic crisis is forcing every organisation to adopt cloud based software to cross the chasm and hopefully make it to the other side.

Nobody can predict how business operations and workflow management will change. I am, however, confident that the use of cloud based software and open source operating systems will be much more common after this experience.

Will you delay or act now to become relevant to the prevailing environment?

It’s still your choice to make.

We’re here to help you when you’re ready.