Business Process Modernisation Specialists


Using digital technology to modernise your business is about understanding a simple idea: that you can imagine the future you want to create, and then, by working with simple tools, in collaboration with advisors, apply them to take care of your future. You do need to keep it real and accept there are limits and no shortcuts or quick fixes worth taking.

Success isn’t delivered by short term thinking or adoption of technology alone. It’s about understanding how your business processes work and are interconnected across your operation to apply digital technology and enabling people to use them with confidence and skill.

Every organisation has to manage disruption risk to realise breakthrough modernisation of their operation. They need to confidently choose between operating on the leading edge or adopting technology with considered haste. The goal is the same either way; maximise the potential of adopted technology to deliver new value and competitive advantage.

No part of this process is easy. It demands detailed knowledge of operations with an expert understanding of the latest innovations and perception of potential future states.

There are three essential elements to breakthrough business process modernisation:

Unlearning what’s already known; reducing biases and assumptions to see potential future opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges for experienced managers and leaders is that it is much harder to see new possibilities because they already know everything that’s impossible. This is one of the reasons why so many great ideas come from people who are new to an industry or business; there’s many possibilities to the outsider allowed inside.

Prevailing attitude and understanding is closely related to unlearning.

Traditional thinking by leaders define the mental models that prevent an organisation from realising its true potential. Traditional quality system based process improvement has been successful for the industrial age where scaling efficiency was key, but we’re already in an era where scaling learning and flexibility is crucially important for every organisation.

Agile execution is an essential practice for reshaping mental models and realising breakthrough modernisation.

Fancy slide presentations and great words can’t deliver it. Agile teams building concept models in effective sprints will create new insights for everyone about the relationship between user and technology in a fraction of the time and budget needed for traditional modernisation and improvement. And it unlocks the imagination of your people.

Technology advances mean the future is becoming increasingly dynamic. To those hanging on to outdated notions of competitive advantage our approach will sound, look and feel like an impossible outcome. But impossibility is all we see when overly focused on short term results and not challenging the mental models that define way we think.

There is no single silver bullet. Success is about being able to identify technologies, understand their implications, and make smart choices about how to effectively use and combine them. This includes creating a set of operational workflows and organisational structures to surround them, which is a lot harder than simply implementing one technology as opposed to another.

Ultimately, it means changing the way you work and think. Seeing possibilities where you thought none existed. Converting new understanding into practical action. The concepts are the same whether you’re focusing on one part of the business operation or across all of it; the business needs new practices and its people will need new capabilities embedded. There’s no magic but we can help you find inspiration, build a practical plan and then guide you deliver it.

If you are a leader that wants to apply transformational thinking and use technology to create your business future, I hope that you will decide to start a discussion with us.

No more solo pilots; it only works when you modernise the entire operation and unlearn what you know to use technology and discover what’s possible. Let us do the work and fast track your business modernisation. Even Maverick needed a wingman!