We help organisations scale-up their business to improve productivity and profitability

The independent business scale-up advisor unique in the Hunter region

Modus Consulting is an independent business advisory company led by Angelo Agresti. We are dedicated to helping businesses make better use of software, digital technology and cloud computing to grow productivity and profitability. We help you identify the most suitable solution by isolating core operational and implementation problems and guide you through a continuous improvement cycle.

Business Modernisation Advisor

Leading application vendors typically work with solution providers to implement their software and manage deployment, consulting and change. Modus has chosen to partner with selected leading global SaaS vendors.

Modus acts as your outsourced CMSO (Chief Modernisation & Strategy Officer) to apply specialist knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to support you:

  • to define business system problems and identify business needs;
  • find and assess viable solutions for meeting those needs in a way that’s most practical for the business size and complexity;
  • clearly describe, define and document manager, staff and customer needs related to delivering business objectives; and
  • guide business functional teams with successful implementation and through the business modernisation cycle.

What is it?

Using cloud based software and expert support services are an ideal fit with the trend created by digital technology changes to how business and people work.

These changes mean businesses don’t need to invest in on site servers or network hardware, data warehouse, BI tools or created connections between separate applications. They won’t need to employ a team of IT experts when that’s not their core business purpose.

Why it Matters

Modernised operations use leading cloud first technologies to integrate Accounting, CRM, Quoting, On-line Store, Product Configuration, Inventory, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Job Scheduling and Completion (Field Service or Workshop based), Inventory Planning and Purchasing functions.

This also creates the opportunity to significantly lower hardware spend with likely better reliability and security.

The Results

Business operations can better coordinate, deliver productivity and boost profits. Typical results include improved inventory visibility, release of working capital through more efficient purchasing and supply chain management to establish optimal stock quantities combined with more efficient service / job delivery, accurate billing, shorter invoicing cycle time and improved cash flow.

You will be able to manage sales, service delivery, purchasing, forecasting and overall performance more effectively and analyse the business in real-time.

Areas of expertise where we can add most value are:

Technology Advice

Isolate core business needs to make use of most suitable technology solution

Risk Management

Understand how to successfully deploy modernisation solutions and mitigate related risk

Business Moderisation

Smart use of cloud based software to deliver improved productivity and performance across People, Process and Systems